Europe 2009: Day 2 Colosseo, Palatino and the Forum

Once again, our hotel proved to be a great location.  We started our day with a 10-15 minute walk to what,  in my mind, is the most memorable landmark in Roma, the Coliseum or the  Colesseo as the Romans refer to it.

I’d been told by some that the Co

lesseo was smaller then they had pictured it.  We were walking through a park and when I turned my head back to the path  we were on, the Colesseo appears and it was  it was grand and breathtaking.

On the path to the Coloseo
On the path to the Colosseo

We walked around to where the line started and a woman approached us asking if we wanted to attend the last English tour of the day. The cost was 20 Euro and included the Palantino (and some of the Forum) and would take 45 minutes at each. Despite some hesitation, we agree and we were glad that we did.


The first part of the tour was given by Stephano. Both his knowledge of the place and and take on life were brilliant and kept us glued to his words. Turns out, he’s an history teacher.


 After our 30-45 minutes with Stephano, we were handled off the the Robin Leach of tour guides. Our guide was from England and California and we just loved his accent. Besides the grandeur of the palace remains, the most memorable part of this tour was to learn that many of the relics and marble that had been removed from this site had been “borrowed” by the Vatican.






oh, I almost forgot.  On the way there, we took a wrong turn and ran into the pope, LOL.









More pictures…..



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