Europe 2009 Day 2: Evening



The evening hour drew us back to Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) were we, well mostly BP, did some shopping……


























After shopping to wondered around looking for a place to eat. This was a little more difficult as it was a Friday in Lent.  As hard as it was, we did not return to the same place. Instead we ended up at a place that turned out to be our least favorite. The meal itself was great. The caprese salad was unbelievable. The milk just poured out of the cheese when you cut into it. The tomato were sweet and plump and I could have easily just eaten those for my meal. The bread was fresh and had hints of herbs in it. The olive oil tasted like, guess what, OLIVES! I was instantly ruined for all other oils.


The bad part of the meal came with our bill. We we surprised with a cover charge. Neverthessless the meal was great and we continued on my way window shopping, wondering past monuments  and making friends on the streets of Roma.

























Roma, Museo


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