Europe 2009, Day 3 Evening

After the Vatican, some of us rested and some of us shopped. Personally, I splurged on a pair of shoes. We ended up shopping near the Spanish Steps and we were greeted by a huge crowd, people giving out free hugs and people break dancing in the streets. It’s the kind of moment where you can’t do anything but allow the energy to make you happy and you can’t stop smiling.


We ended our evening with a great meal in Campo di Fiori. Again the food was a amazing and our waiter managed to get us to sing a round of his favorite song, “Single Lady” by Beyonce. And yes, everyone was staring as we were singing and dancing around on the outside patio of the restaurant, LOL.





Feeding my shoe addition

Free Hugs!
Free Hugs!






Break Dancers
Break Dancers





How every meal ended, with clean plates!
How every meal ended, with a clean plate!
Our Waiter
Our Waiter

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