Europe 2009, Day 3 Vatican City

We started off our day by getting up as early as we could and hoping on our Hop  on/Hop off bus to Vatican City. I had been warned that the lines at the Vatican were extremely long. This was true for St. Peter’s Basilica. Nevertheless, we declined a guided tour at 39 euros and decided to rough it ourselves. Luckily, the lines moved pretty fast.

We went got to the square, we simply got in line and started taking pictures. For those you travelling there, it is very helpful to know that the line out in the piazza/square is for St. Peter’s. To visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum, you must walk allllllllll the way around to the back.

St. Peter’s was beautiful.



St. Peter’s






Inside St. Peter's
Inside St. Peter's

 After we finished viewing St. Peter’s we went to the Vatican Museum..


We thought we would take a look at a couple of the exhibits and head to the main event, the Sistine Chapel. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as quick stroll through the Vatican Museum.


After a quick stroll thru the courtyard, we went inside and started following the sign pointing to the Sistine Chapel. That little arrow was like those arrows at IKEA that lead you thru every major section in the store. We experienced dozens of rooms filled with priceless artworks, sculptures, tapestries, maps, mosiacs and so much more.

After many, many, many, many signs that said “Sistine Chapel —>”  we finally made it there and I managed to sneak a couple of pictures before the security guard came over to stop me. On a side note, the Aatican has the HOTTEST security guards I have ever seen. It was unreal.

At the end of a very long tour, we ate in the cafeteria where the food was surprising excellant!

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel





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