Europe Day 4, Barcelona!!!!!!

Around 4pm, Megan  and I said arrivideci to Roma and hola to Barcelona. We hopped on our cheap RyanAir flight and headed to Spain.

Flying RyanAir was an experience. The biggest “surprise”, which we learned about after booking the flight, is that the airline actually flies into Girona, Spain, an hour bus ride from Barcelona. On the bus, we were kept company by a dozen teenagers who asked us questions and sang songs in English hoping to get our attention or strike up a conversation.

Spain did not treat us well upon our arrival. We made the mistake of venturing on the metro with our luggage. Although nice men stopped to help us, someone wasn’t happen with our slow pace and spit on the back of Megan’s leather jacket. We never saw who did it, but someone else did and came over and told us.

Nevertheless, we made it to our hotel with the help of a little old lady who practically walked us to the front door. The hotel was gorgeous, and right off the Passeig de Gracia which is lined with Guadi buildings and stores that I can barely afford the knockoffs off of.

To recover after the subway incident, we went for food and cocktails. We ate at a place called Tapas Tapas. Any place that has tiny portions so I can order many different things is always great in my book. We made friends with the bartender and enjoyed about a dozen of the 54 items on the menu, LOL. Again, the food was great.













Hotel pics…


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