Garden, Day 14

Almost everything has started to come up. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons for starting that garden has not come up. Time to go get more spearmint seeds. Isn’t mint supposed to be the easiest thing to grow, LOL

I’ve found that the seeds that I started in a covered container germinated MUCH faster than the now covered seeds.  I started the covered seeds a week later and it looks like they are on pace with the ones I didn’t cover

oh, and I added Cumin to the mix


Day 14
Day 14

One thought on “Garden, Day 14

  1. I’ve read much about mint not growing well from seed – it doesn’t sprout well plus it doesn’t always grow true to the variety. It’s usually better to either buy a small plant or grow from a cutting. That cutting can also include mint you buy at the grocery store, which is what I’ve done.

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