D.I.Y. Sub-Irrigation

I’ll admit it. I have a teeny, tiny, itsty little fascination with self watering/sub-irrigation containers. Ok, so maybe it is a slight obsession. But I can’t help it!!! When I start a new project I always get so excited. It doesn’t help that making them also gives me a reason to break out my table saw and buy a set of hole saws!


In my excitement, I have come across several different versions. Using these tutorials, I have come up with my own DIY version (which I hope to post some time this week). Anyhow, here are some really great ideas for creating self watering/sub-irrigation/earthboxes.


If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the basic concept is that you place the water under the plants/dirt and provide a means for the plant/roots to draw water up as it needs it.  Basically, you are watering the root system (This is make it less likely (but not impossible) to overwater your plants. Also, not having to constantly expose your leaves to watering is healthier and helps avoid disease.



  • Water your plants weekly instead of daily (depending on the size of the container)
  • Use less water
  • Less likely to over/under water your plants
  • Provide water directly to where the plants need them
  • No concerns about weeds, soil quality and insects











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