A brown thumb

So my greeen thumb is not so green. So in an effect to save my plants, I am posting this question on a couple sites in hopes that I get some help. Wish me luck!!




I finally moved my plants outside and some of the leaves are turning brown.  The very same plants in the peat pots are doing just fine. Any clue as to what it could be?

Am I overwatering? Underwatering?

Not enough sun? Too much sun?

They are a ton of bugs in the pot (in the dirt). When I described them to the guy at the garden center he said that they were harmless “fungus gnats”. Could they actually be a problem?

Just as an FYI, the plants are all in containers. I used Miracle Grow Garden Mix for the soil.

Here are some pictures.



2 thoughts on “A brown thumb

  1. yikes! did you harden off your plants? The pics are pretty fuzzy, but it looks like they have sunburn. If that’s the case, the best thing to do cut off any leaves that are dead, leave the plants alone (just regular watering–with proper drainage–and NO fertilizer), and hope they recover.

    Make sure when you move your plants outside, you do it gradually. The first day you move plants outside, they should only get morning sun, and then gradually accustom them to the outdoors before leaving them out in the middle of the day.
    In the future, i wouldn’t recommend miracle grow, because it can cause your plants to grow to quickly on top without developing a healthy root structure to support it. You’re better off just using composted manure mixed with a soil-less potting mix.


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