When life hands you lemons…

There’s a reason why I haven’t posted in awhile. I knew this day was coming and it finally arrived, LAYOFFS.  My entire department is being displaced. Some this year, some next year, but everyone is gone.

I of course, was given a date of this year. I didn’t really stress. I just focused on 1) finding a new job 2) figuring out a way to get a month in Argentina, or some foreign country, out of this. The great thing about working for a big company is that gives decent severance packages.  My motto

When life hands you lemons, find a way to make it to Rome and get yourself an Italian Ice.

Well a new job has come along. The offer was officially extended 2 days ago.  So I won’t be able to escape to someplace far, I am taking a couple of days off to spend time with friends.


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