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Christmas is almost here

I’ve been promising my niece and cousins scrapbooks for a couple of Christmases now. It looks like this year, I may actually come thru. The albums are well on their way to being completed. Let’s just hope I can get them all done!!

Albums in progress….



Wordbloom: IMAN

I’m so excited about this wordbloom! I just love the colors. When I saw these papers, I knew I had to use them for something and I think they really worked out well for this project.

This mini album is a gift that I made for my friend to give to his daughter. I hope she love it.

Wordbloom - IMAN

Wordbloom - {IM}AN

Wordbloom- I{MA}N

Wordbloom - IM{AN}

Wordbloom - IMA{N}